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Unlock Pantech PX-500 / MOBI PCMCIA

Pantech as one owner in the world of telecommunications that has a lot of products such as the modem has been working with several operators in the world such as Verizon, Sprint in the U.S. and also Mobile-8 in Indonesia.
Mobile-8 is issued with the name MOBI products work with Pantech, one of the product made MOBI package is PX-500 which is biased EVDO data access. Clearly and specifically with technology-based EVDO broadband connection can pamper customers with high-speed data access.(User Manual PX-500)

Verizon, Sprint, MOBI, TATA, and more cellular operators in the world are already testing the reliability of the Pantech PX-500 is, for loyal customers with service packages then the modem will be the key.

To open the lock of your modem you must first upgrade PX-500 modem to UTStarcom 5750, we provide the following modem unlock tricks PX-500.
1. PX-500 Upgrade: PX-500 to PC5750
2. Enter the new PRL (according to the operator that you want)can use cdma workshop,for Indonesian operator you can download the PRL writer.
3. To enter or change the ESN number you can use QPST, CDMA-workshop, or Uni CDMA , use the password 101010101010101,
4. To change the user name and password to use bitpim and hex editor, edit the file in the directory / / nvm / num.
5. Make sure you get the A-key of the service you want, there are some operators who use the SSD-A and SSD-B. To enter A-key using A-key writer.

If done correctly will unlock will work.


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